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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Riverdale Park, Maryland

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Every day, people in Riverdale Park and throughout Prince George’s County are accused of committing criminal offenses. A criminal offense can stay on your record permanently-coming back to haunt you years later by preventing you from getting a job, securing housing, and impacting your life in a variety of ways. Criminal charges are not something that should be taken lightly. Criminal convictions often come with overwhelming financial and emotional consequences, especially in cases that warrant possible jail time.

If you were arrested or you are currently the subject of an ongoing law enforcement investigation, your freedom and future may be at stake. A criminal conviction can not only destroy your reputation, but it can have a negative impact on your family and take away your freedom. The decisions you make early on will have a substantial impact on the outcome of your case and the rest of your life. At the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr., our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys in Riverdale Park bring extensive experience and insight to the table, and attorney Melvin L. Allen, Jr. has a track record of success to prove it.

Case Types the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr. Handles

Criminal defense attorney Melvin L. Allen, Jr. has an office located in Riverdale Park.  He is incredibly well-versed in criminal law in Maryland and relies on his extensive experience to help those accused of crimes to have their charges dismissed or reduced. He has helped numerous people throughout Prince George’s County defend their legal rights against various felony and misdemeanor charges, including:

  • DUI
  • Driving with a suspended license
  • Possession of drugs
  • Sexual assault
  • Robbery
  • Murder

Attorney Melvin L. Allen, Jr. will explore the facts in your case to determine the best legal approach to take in your criminal defense proceeding. If you are facing felony or misdemeanor criminal charges, contact the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr., to schedule a consultation right away to review your options.

Criminal Court Process in Riverdale Park

Although each criminal arrest proceeds at its own pace, they generally follow a standardized process. Highlighting each step of the process will help you better understand what lies ahead.

First, an arrest will be made, or a summons will be issued. Depending on the crime, a person can be notified in person via an arrest or issued a summons in the mail. In some cases, a warrant will be issued, which gives police the right to make an immediate arrest.

After being taken into custody, an arraignment will be scheduled so you can enter a plea of either guilty or not guilty. A bail and bond hearing will then be scheduled and, depending on the severity of the crime you are accused of committing, you may be able to post a bond so you can return home while waiting for your case to be heard.

A preliminary hearing will following the arraignment. During this time, you will appear before the district court judge. During this hearing, the commissioner will ensure that you are aware of the charges against you and the possible penalties, advise you of your rights to secure legal representation, and advise you on your responsibilities to do so.

Working with a criminal defense attorney in Riverdale Park will ensure that you have the best chances of beating your case, so you do not have to spend thousands of dollars on fines and spend time in jail. Once you proceed, your case will go to a jury trial. The evidence from your legal team and the state will both be presented in court and will be argued. The court will then review the evidence and determine whether you are guilty. If you are charged with the crimes you are accused of, a future hearing will be scheduled for sentencing.

People who are convicted of their crimes are able to appeal the conviction. Working with an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney from the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr. in Riverdale Park will ensure your legal rights and best interest are protected.

Effective Defense Strategies that Help You Beat Your Case

The penalties of criminal charges are often significant. Being convicted of a criminal offense can have a major impact on a person’s life. The team at the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr. employs effective criminal defense strategies to help those wrongfully accused of criminal offenses have their cases dismissed. Some arguments our team present to help clients include:

  • Coercion was involved
  • Entrapment played a role in the arrest
  • Lab errors provided false readings
  • False accusations were made
  • There is insufficient evidence to support the claim
  • Mistaken identity
  • The evidence needs to be suppressed due to it violating the 4th amendment

Criminal defense attorney Melvin L. Allen, Jr. strives to provide the most aggressive and effective legal representation for those accused of crimes. Melvin L. Allen, Jr. works to protect the legal rights and best interests of those wrongfully accused.

Riverdale Park Criminal Defense Lawyer

Riverdale Park and Prince George’s County criminal defense attorney Melvin L. Allen, Jr. will explore the circumstance surrounding your case to determine the best legal options available. As your dedicated legal advocate, Melvin L. Allen, Jr. will treat your case with the attention it needs to help ensure that you obtain a favorable outcome to the charges you are facing.

Whether you are currently facing criminal charges in Riverdale Park or around Prince George’s County, or you want to discuss the possibility of expunging a past conviction on your records, the Law Office of Melvin L. Allen, Jr. is here for you.  Contact our criminal defense attorneys at your earliest convenience by calling (240) 898-1819. Schedule a case evaluation so we can review your charges to determine the best legal approach.